luxury and classic car towing service

GCS Towing company has provided top-of-the-line transport to high-end and custom vehicles for over half a decade. We have expanded our business to bring our personal brand of excellence, commitment, and customer-first service to your daily roadside challenges. GCS combines technical expertise with hands-on experience and a love of the industry! We are a full-service light duty towing and transport company based out of Land O’ Lakes, ready to handle all your transport needs—everything from your reliable clunker to high-end collector’s items! All vehicles are welcome Monday-Friday, with appointment-only service available on the weekend. 


At GCS, we use the best equipment to provide the safest transportation of any vehicle. We understand the special care that luxury and classic vehicles deserve. We count on experienced professionals to provide flawless towing service with a touch of class. We utilize flatbed tow trucks specifically designed for delicate vehicles, with soft straps and secure cradles to prevent the slightest scratch. 

Light & Medium Duty Towing

Ready to tow a variety of vehicles locally and long distance (in-state only) with speed and safety.

Local Towing

When you’re trapped on the roadside and need a tow to your favorite garage or home, we've got you!

Long Distance Transport

We’re in it for the long haul! All across Florida, your vehicle will be safely delivered with the quality care you can’t find elsewhere.

Equipment Transport

Everything from tool chests to spare parts are eligible for transport to garages, shows, and residences.

WHY GCS Towing?

Don’t settle for just any tow truck. Choose the company that treats your classic or luxury car like the masterpiece it is. Request a free quote today or schedule a tow. 


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