Long Distance Transport

GCS has the knowledge and skills to support you when your journey takes you out of town. We’ll escort your vehicle to the border if you’re heading out of state. We will carry your vehicle in our dedicated, 24-foot enclosed trailer if you have a car show or a private gathering. We offer efficient and affordable services to get you on the road and at your destination with time to spare, and when your adventures take you beyond the horizon, trust us for worry-free long-distance towing.

Please remember to provide the following information before any long-distance service:

24ft Enclosed Trailer

Introducing our specialized 24ft trailer designed exclusively for long-distance car transport services. With a robust and secure chassis, this trailer ensures the safe and smooth transportation of vehicles over extended distances. Equipped with advanced loading and unloading features, our dedicated trailer offers a reliable solution for transporting your prized vehicles with utmost care and efficiency.

*This service is limited to the state of Florida*